Monarch Dental Associates - South Temple Dentist Office

Below we provide information for Monarch Dental Associates - South Temple, a Utah dentist office, including their phone number and dds office location. We also provide the link to find out how to contact the Utah Board of Dentistry. Most dentist offices offer dental services such as teeth cleaning, tooth extraction, fluoride treatments, root canals and other dental services in UT. To find out what this office offers please use the contact information below.

Dentist Office Address 370 East South Temple Salt Lake City
Utah 84111
Office Phone Number 801-320-9810 Dental Association Utah Dental Association State Board Of Dentistry Utah Board Of Dentistry Information Page Update Dentist Office Page

Dentist Office Location

{"address":"Monarch Dental Associates - South Temple
370 East South Temple Salt Lake City
Utah 84111","lat":"40.769348","lon":"-111.880058"}